The company's assortment includes a variety of video equipment, including action cameras, camera stabilizers, multicontrollers and much more.

However, the company gained worldwide fame thanks to its unmanned drones equipped with a powerful camera.

In this field, the company is unmatched worldwide, quadrocopters embody sophisticated technology and ease of use. A wide range of camera functions allows you to capture unique shots, replacing bulky and expensive equipment and several operators, which allows you to use the footage in cinematography and in various television projects. In addition, multicopters have become widely used in various industrial areas, in the inspection of construction sites, in topographic surveying and in other areas where video filming by a person is impossible or very dangerous.

Stabilization equipment has become a real breakthrough in the field of amateur photography, raising its quality to a professional level. The list of these products includes: smartphones, action cameras and other cinematographic equipment that allows one operator to perform the work of an entire film crew.

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