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    As a taxpayer in the state of Iowa, I am concerned about the waste that is in the welfare system. With multiple employment vacancies listed on every street in the Quad-Cities for decent paying positions, why are so many healthy and capable people not gainfully employed? Why are my taxes providing cash subsidies for people who are able to work?

      Nancy Jacobson's June 20 editorial, "The two parties plot to subvert a third choice," gave me hope and confidence in the independent "No Labels" group. And if the Gallup Poll is accurate, half of our nation's voters would likely feel the same way.

        This is an answer to Joe J. Jimenez of Blue Grass. Joe, it's not about age but the fact that Biden is in the first stage of dementia and his age does show when trips over and over again. As for Grassley at 90 he's still as sharp as a tack. By the way, Joe, I'm a little older than Joe. I don't go around falling all the time.

          I accept the apology, and let's cordially move on. I'd be happy to talk to the cartoonist offline, too - I'm empathetic to people who make mistakes once in awhile. Let's not go further or see people get fired over it; the cartoonist should in no way be 'canceled.' We are all human. 

          On Friday, June 9, I spent several hours watching the recorded commencement ceremonies at Cedar Rapids High School, chosen because my middle son is employed there, but I presume that those at the other schools across our state were similar. And I was very impressed.

          My family and friends recently had the opportunity to view the immersive Van Gogh exhibit at the River Center in Davenport. We thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit and did not have adequate adjectives to describe the experience ... awesome, fabulous, incredible, to name a few. Kudos to the River Center for bringing the exhibit to eastern Iowa and educating us to the artistic genius of Vincent Van Gogh.

          I am proud to endorse Jasmine Schneider as the future Mayor of Davenport. Overlooked by media thus far, Mrs. Schneider has been diligently conducting her mayoral campaign for well over a month. In a time of nonexistent, effective or substantive leadership at City Hall, Mrs. Schneider emerges as the most promising choice for the impending November election.


          Need gift ideas to help with the ladies in your life? This list will surely help you make the grade.

          Since 2021, our American justice system has arrested, indicted, arraigned, convicted and/or sentenced hundreds of Republicans, most for attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election, or for participating in the insurrection on January 6, 2021. In response, Republican politicians, pundits and media have attacked the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) as being biased and “weaponized” by Democrats against Republicans.

          The building collapse in Davenport was and is a terrible event and I certainly hope that all the parties involved are held accountable. Now I see the city of Davenport wants to make $600K from COVID relief funds available for folks affected. What does COVID relief funds have to do with a building collapse? COVID relief funds should have never been distributed in the first place by our federal government and they are surely not meant for apartment building collapse to only benefit a selected few people.

          We are being scammed by the leftists! How you may ask? Illegal immigrants, who are mostly migrating here for a better life, are being told to ask for asylum by left wing nut jobs. Most illegal immigrants do not qualify for US asylum.

          I see in the June 8 newspaper that Iowa's governor wants me, an Illinois resident, to pay the cost of demolishing Wold's collapsed building via request she sent to President Biden, using federal tax money. My answer is "NO." Let the owner pay to demolish his own building. Again, the rich always looking out for another wealthy person!

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